Video screening is an independent platform that you can access through your browser. Because you log in with your profile, you always have access to the system. The same goes for your candidates of course. Video screening works on both desktop and mobile. To get started using video screening just log in with your company profile. Video Screening is a simple and intuitive screening tool. But let’s review the main features.

Create video screening

Choose your welcome video and define 1-5 questions that reveal your candidates' professionalism, motivation etc.

Invite candidates

Select the candidates you would like to "meet" or use video screening as an application method.

Assess video responses

See, revisit, and access your candidates' video response in collaboration with your colleagues - regardless of time or place.

Upload your own or use a standard one

We already have two standard welcome videos in the archive – Danish and English. But if you want to give your candidates a personalized welcome in your company’s tone-of-voice, we highly recommend that you produce your own. We can help you with production.

Motivation, personality, or professionalism?

To get the most out of video screening, you must ask the right questions. They need to be tailored to the specific position, the target audience, and your company. We have many years of experience in formulating the right questions to help you assess better.

Invite your candidates easily with a link

Your screening process should be easy for your candidates. All, your candidates need to respond to your video screening, is a link. With a link, they can create their profile and see the questions you’ve asked them to answer. It is up to them, whether they record their answers immediately or take a little time to reflect. When they are ready, they can either choose to record directly in the browser or record and upload a video from their device.

And do not worry about what the candidates think. We’ve asked them! The majority of the candidates actually see video screening as an extra opportunity to nail the job and actually show their personality.

View and rate your candidates' video responses

As soon as your graduates have uploaded their video responses, you and your colleagues will get notified. Independently of each other, you can see, access, and comment on each candidate’s video responses. In the overview, you can see how the candidates perform compared to the others.



Easy access through any browser

Once you have created your video screening, you grant candidates access to answer it through a unique link. You can see an example of the landing page to the left. To answer the video screening, candidates must create a profile with their email.

Greeted by video

It is always good to take your own medicine. So when we ask candidates to go on video, it is a very good idea to do it ourselves. Therefore, candidates are always greeted by a video. We have made some for you, but to be honest the candidates would properly prefer to meet you instead.

Friendly and helpful support

Candidates can always reach out to us in the chat you see in the lower right corner.

What the candidates say

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think it's easy to use
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see it as a good supplement in the process
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see it as a second chance


Meet Sofie

Listen to Sofie talk about what she thinks good customer service is.

Meet Rasmus

Rasmus has been asked what he thinks characterizes a good leader. Hear his answer here.


Multiple languages ​​available

The entire platform is available in both Danish and English. If you have a strong desire for a third language, do not hesitate to contact us.


Video screening is obviously mobile-friendly. It doesn’t require anything other than a good internet connection and a login.

Easy to use

Video screening is super simple and intuitive – both for you and your candidates. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to set a video screening up. And all your candidates have to worry about is what to say.

Dedicated support

If you have any trouble changing the deadline of a video screening or your candidates are struggling to upload their videos, we are ready with personal support of the chat.

Unlimited video screenings

You can create as many video screenings as you need. Also, you can easily categorize video screenings to maintain an overview.

Unlimited number of reviewers

As with the number of video screenings, we do not have a limit on how many of your colleagues you wish to invite to assess your candidates.

ATS integration

Although video screening is an independent platform, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work with other systems. We know that the vast majority already have an ATS and don’t like to work in several different systems. Therefore, we have developed an API that easily allows you to invite and see your candidates’ video responses directly in your favorite ATS.