Privacy policy Contents:

1. Data at the platform
– SEEKNSPEAK A/S is responsible for this data
– SEEKNSPEAK A/S is the processing unit of this data

2. How personally sensitive are the the that we process and how do we protect it?

– Personal data
– Policy for personal data – Basic data
– Policy for basic data

3. Data protection
4. Contact information and avenues of complaint 5. Subsuppliers
6. Internal employees
7. Access to insight

Data at the platform
SEEKNSPEAK A/S is responsible for the following data:

We store profile data and login data for candidates, companies, some employees in companies and jobseekers who get invited for video interviews. We are responsible for the data attached to these profiles:

Users: Email, password, name, telephone number

Companies: Company name, email, password, CVR number, telephone number, description, video description

Employees: Name, email and password

Invited candidates: Name, email and password

An invited candidate has the status of “invited candidate” until she or he has created a user profile. Henceforth, the person concerned is a “user”.


Permission – consent for digital communication:

There is a set of permissions on three levels, and users must perform an actual action in order to confirm. One must opt for the last one, and one may deselect the two first ones if desired.

Receipts: When one uses the platform and optionally applies for a job, we have a number of service receipts. These are emails that we sent to i.e. confirm the registration of an application. This receipt service can be switched off.

Notifications: It is an option for’s users to receive notifications on platform activities that we consider relevant or maybe relevant for the specific user. These activities could be new vacancies similar to ones that one has earlier shown interest in; or it could be a new post from a company that one has “liked”. These notifications can be switched off.

Newsletters: SEEKNSPEAK A/S sends newsletters to the users on a regular basis. If one desires to receive these, one must enroll actively in the service with a ticking off.

Metadata: Metadata is to be defined as the sort of data that contains information on how the different job postings, video screenings and applications are connected, and how they are used:

– Which users visited which vacancies
– Which users applied for which jobs
– Which company employees have the rights to see the applications – Which users have shown interest in which jobs and companies

SEEKNSPEAK A/S is the data processing unit for the following types of data:

Applicants can apply for a job at a company. This application can imply a CV, a video application and a written application. The company is responsible for these informations. is processing the informations on behalf of the company and is thus a data-processing unit.

A CV and a written application might contain: Email, telephone number, age, educational informations, previous experiences, profile picture and more, as the applicant is the one who decides which data shall be in his or her documentation.

Video applications can contain the above mentioned in an articulated or a written format.

Companies’ job postings:

A job posting might imply a title, location of the job, expiry date, job description, company information, contact person and contact person information, and a video presentation of the relevant job. We are the data processing unit of the person(s) who appear(s) in a video job posting auditively and/or visually.

A job posting can be public, hidden or “by invitation”.

The job posting will have an expiry date decided by the data controller; yet, it stays visible after its expiry unless the data controller decides that it should be hidden.

Video screenings:
A video screening can imply a description, an expiry date, a title, contact information and up to five questions defined by a title/question, and a video.

The invited applicants upload their video answers to the questions that the data controller has posed.

Companies can send users who applied for a job or who takes part in a video screening one or more messages. These contain a subject and a message.

Meta data:
Meta data is to be understood as the data that contains information on how the different job postings, video screenings and applications are connected and used:

– How are the applications for a job rated?
– Who has been invited for a video screening?
– How are the participants in a video screening rated?

How sensitive is the personal data that we store and how do we protect it? Personal data
All data on a user’s application for a given job are personally identifiable, including:

– Video application
– File with CV
– Written application
– Which job is applied for
– How was this application rated
– Contact informations of the user – Metadata

All data for individuals who apply for a job at a company, or who is invited to participate in a video screening, is personally identifiable, regardless of the relevant user’s potential accomplishment of a screening or application for a job.

SEEKNSPEAK A/S does not process personally sensitive data, and it is not allowed to type or upload this kind of information (concerning i.e. religion, race, political conditions, trade union conditions, sexual orientation and medical reports) as a part of an application that goes via SEEKNSPEAK A/S. Personally sensitive data will be deleted without foregoing notice.

Policy for treatment of personal data: Applications and screenings i for companies:

Unless the data controlling company decides otherwise, the applications and screenings from a user for a job at a company, including messages, ratings and notes, will be saved for six months. During this period, the company will have the option of reaching the contact information on the user and his or her application, and thus, in principle, it will have the option of saving this information in its own archives, out of’s control.

Unless the data controlling company decides otherwise, the same storage period is used for invitations for jobs and screenings, this including the rights to view the job internally in the company.

By the expiry of the six months’ period – or by another period decided by the data controlling company – SEEKNSPEAK A/S will delete this data and the company will not be able to reach or view data from the application or the user.

As a data controller, a company can request a copy of its data before it is deleted.

A user can always chose to delete his or her application or screening, this resulting in a direct deletion for the company, including the messages that might be connected to the relevant application(s).

In case of a user’s wish to delete her or his profile, all applications and screenings will be made inaccessible for the relevant companies.


Applications and screenings for the users of videoscreening:

Users can always delete an application for a job, an answer to a video screening and her or his user profile.

Users have their own video archive which is not accessable for companies. In this archive the user can store videos. These are storaged for 12 months after which they are defeated.

CV files are only stored as long as an application is visible for a company.

Basic data:

Basic data is to be defined as data which is not sensitive, but which should also not be accessable for everyone. This kind of data is to be seen as “personal data” in the context of the General Data Protection Regulation.

All data concerning which jobs, companies, pages and informations a user has viewed, showed interest in or searched for is to be regarded as basic data.

The number of applications for a job (these applications being anonymized) is not considered personally identifiable because of their anonymization.

The metadata that we as data controllers store, is basic personal information and is contributing to our improvement of the user experience.

Generally, all data that has at some point been published (i.e. a job post) is to be considered as open information.

Policy for basic data:
All above mentioned types of data at all types of profiles are deleted when they loose their relevance.

A password is required in order to reach all the data which is attached to a specific profile. Passwords are not considered as sensitive in themselves. They are valuable by nature and thus all types of passwords for all types of users are encrypted with a standard, similar to the one appearing in this link:

When you use our platform, there are a number of service receipts. These come in the form of emails that we send to inform you that you have i.e. “received a new application for your job”. If desired, you can turn off this receipt service.

You might receive notifications on your activity at that we find relevant for you. This can be information on optional optimization, or reminders of existing or previous activities. These notifications can be turned off.

SEEKNSPEAK A/S sends newsletters on a regular basis. If you wish to receive those, you must actively show this with a box ticking.

Where is you data stored?
When SEEKNSPEAK A/S is the data controller, the data is stored in our systems at SEEKNSPEAK A/S, Ravnsborg Tværgade 5D, 2. TV, 2200 Copenhagen N. CVR: 38168614

Anonymized data is gathered on your use of SEEKNSPEAKS A/S services. This gathering is done only for the purpose of statistical measurements, and to improve our services. We do our best to keep a strict data safety.

We use methods as i.e. encryption (SSL), firewalls, illegal system intrusion registrating-software and manual safety procedures in order to protect your personal data’s preciseness and safety, and to prevent non-authorized admission or incorrect use from a third party.

Contact information and remedy

If you wish to reach us and/or make use of the underneath mentioned rights, our contact informations are: