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VIDEOSCRENNING helps you screen your candidates more effectively and thoroughly.

By using video the candidate’s personality is revealed, which helps you eliminate any doubt
about the fit for the job, ensuring you to make the right decision.

Simple. Easy. Effective.



Get a personal impression of many candidates instead of a written impression of a few.


More decisionmakers can see, comment and evaluate the candidates’ video answers. Together you agree on whom shall be invited to an interview.


Video screening ensures that the best candidate gets seen and the chance to get hired.

The candidates experience in numbers

2 out of 3

Think of video screening as a good supplement to the regular application


Think it is easier to show their personality through video


think of VIDEOSCREENING as an extra chance to give a good impression

Videoscreening in numbers


Platform satisfaction


Average completion rate for retail jobs


Average completion rate for marketing jobs

Experience the advantage of video screening

Here are 3 video answers. Play and notice how you determine the fit of the candidates

We are more than just a videobased screeningsoftware

We have been working professionally with recruiting since 2017. We know what works, and we are happy to share our knowledge.

You won’t just get a screening software. You are also getting a support team dedicated to help you recruit the best.

We also know that your experience is as important as the candidate’s. So of course we are as dedicated to help them have the best experience applying at your firm.

Get in touch today, and you will be screening tomorrow.